Love and time share a unique connection. Love is capable of stopping time, while time continuously tries to end love. But true love is unfading. As time goes by, true love, much like a fine garment, may change its shape, without however altering its essence. It evolves along with the bodies that form this special union.

True love is the one that allows the best version of you to emerge and flourish. It makes you forget who you were before that life-changing moment. Such love is unconditional and elevates you to a higher place both physically and mentally. This kind of love makes time, the same time that defines our lives, stand still.

These unique traits of love have remained unchanged throughout all the different eras mankind has traversed. To this day, True Love remains timeless and has a classic value even during these modern times. This timelessness of love is depicted through this series of images of Nikolas and Evangelia; a couple who celebrated their union in Meraviglia Slow Living in Preveza.

When you enter Meraviglia Slow Living, you immediately forget how you got there or where you came from. You are instantly captivated by the peaceful and time-shattering scenery which helps you to completely relax and decompress. Time ceases to exist just like it does when you are in love.
Evangelia is wearing COSTARELLOS; an international designer whose designs fulfill the journey through different time periods in the most exquisite and elegant way.

Nikolas is wearing SCALA di Barelier; a new made-in-Greece brand that represents a classic yet timeless style defined by its comfortable and impeccable fitting. An architectural study in male figure.

Motion, fabrics, volumes and pleats along with the unique scenery and landscape play their own special part in this unforgettable experience.

The hair and makeup style created by Katerina Theocharis was effortlessly neat, complementing perfectly the bride’s classy yet youthful temperament, as well as the dresses’ flowing character.

The couple shares a few words with us:

The groom

” I met you almost 12 years ago and from the night i saw you, time instantly lost its significance. It was a life altering incident, that made me realise the true values of my existence. Throughout these years, i evolved into a man who tries to become the best version of himself and you are the reason i keep on trying.”

The bride

” It was the truth and the beauty of your eyes that I fell in love with, from our very first moment. As time goes by, this look continues to follow my every step, giving warmth and meaning to all the times we share together.”