When my friend Thanos Asfis shared the news about his wedding proposal to his lady Anna Roussos, I was confident it would be a great idea to photograph their engagement shooting! They were both, delighted with the idea and we decided to turn to Rock Paper Scissors in order to infuse their magic into the design and styling of this photoshoot. We all aimed for this shoot to be effortless, fresh and minimal, so we picked a modern loft with plenty of natural light to host this special intimate moment. A moment filled with joy, happy tears, fine champagne and jazz music! The flowers were chic and refined: an effortlessly synthesized selection of blush and nude colors complemeted with the minimal furniture, dinnerwear, stationery that all blended in harmoniously and so according to our mood board. Anna was more beautiful than ever: her face was shining looking at the love of her life, while she was wearing her minimal, yet feminine dress. Her bridal beauty was effortless and chic – totally reflecting her refined aesthetics and style. Thanos looked absolutely gorgeous in his perfectly tailored grey Neapolitan suit, that beautifully emphasized his firm poise and pointed out his charm and elegance.

The luscious pleats of the wedding dress is where the inspiration for the cake came from, while preserving the minimal vibe of the decoration.

Anna, our beautiful bride-to-be, shares with us the proposal story: “On a sunny morning in February 2020 I have noticed Thanos’ anxiety building up as he was nervously strolling around the bedroom. I was ready to get up from bed when he ordered me to stay in and went to the bakery to get some croissant, because he wanted to prepare “breakfast in bed” . We don’t usually do it, so I felt like something was “cooking”here, but wasn’t sure what it was all about. He came back from the bakery and prepared a nice breakfast, we spent lazy morning in bed, drinking coffee, eating croissants, cuddling, laughing and everything was so romantic if not this constant feeling that he is hiding something from me. Morning ended and we got to our daily routine, doing some work and chores in the house… I could’t stop noticing that he is not being himself. On my question “Is anything wrong?” he would vaguely answer “Nope” and I could hear him breath heavily once in a while. It was a midday as I was sitting in my pyjamas at our home office answering some emails and he came to kiss me. Another heavy breath.. I told him: “Whatever is on your mind – say it now!”, he smiled at me, I could see a relief on his face as he said “Don’t move” and went to bring something from another room … All I remember afterwards, Thanos going down on one knee and asking “Will you marry me?” … There we were, alone in our lovely house, wearing pyjamas, crying from happiness, because what we both wanted so much started to become reality. It was one of the most special moments for both of us, filled with so much happiness and love. The day he offered me his heart, and officially asked for mine, even though it was all his from long ago”. Thanos and Anna, may your life be filled with love and happiness! I am wishing you all the best!